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October 7, 2003 Transition from CVS to Subversion repository


Since our 0.4 public release the the STSF project was actively moving forward, however due to various reasons we failed to keep our internal workspace synchronized with the external CVS repository hosted at Sourceforge. Unfortunately keeping public source code repository stale is not healthy for any open source project. To correct this problem we phased out existing CVS repository and replaced it with a Subversion repository hosted at the Free Standards Group's site:


Currently the Subversion repository is actively used as the primary source code repository for ST source code. XST will be added to the repository shortly. The directory structure of STSF repository is as follows:

trunk active development branch
stable stable tree, compiles and builds
branches releases and snapshots
unstable is not guaranteed to even compile

Each subdirectory contain STSF subprojects including ST (imaging system-indenpendent part of STSF) and XST (X11 implementation of ST).





March 21, 2003. STSF 0.4 Release Announcement


The STSF team announces the 0.4 release of the Standard Type Services Framework. STSF project website is going to be updated the new packages within the next couple of days.

New features in this release include:

  • Glyph vector API
  • STSF/Xft bridge

Glyph vector API adds the raw text output functionality to STSF. Glyph vectors are arrays of positioned glyphs created by user applications. STSF can render glyph vectors in one function call without doing any text layout, pre- or post-processing. Glyph vectors are very efficient and fast text output API.

STSF/Xft bridge implements Xft API on top of STSF glyph vector APIs. The goal of STSF/Xft bridge is easy integration of STSF with toolkits and environment that use Pango/Xft technology.

STSF consists of:

  • rendering-system independent framework (ST)
  • X11 server extension (XST)
  • X11 client library (libXst)

At this time STSF compiles on Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD platforms.

For build instruction and system requirements consult the docs/INSTALL file in the ST distribution.

Mailing lists for comments, questions, or further discussion are available at this link.

The STSF team.




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